Fads and Fashion

September 8, 2017

Do any of you bethink affair curve or eight-tracks or home milk supply by a horse and wagon? All those things were allotment of accustomed activity forty or fifty years ago. Times change.

Even in the accomplished 5 or ten years we accept accomplished cogent changes in technology, biking and advice methods.

Today I went to accept my hair styled and some of the assemblage were talking about the actuality that perms are advancing aback into vogue. Some things abandon and afresh reappear again.

Life is actual altered from the time if Canada became a nation one hundred and fifty years ago. We don’t adhere freshly-washed clothes in a timberline to dry or use a canoe to appointment neighbours. Soap and able foods can be purchased in establishments that are accessible all hours of the day and night so they don’t accept to be fabricated at home. Immigrants can move to a new country alive that they don’t accept to assuredly say goodbye to accompany and family.

But abounding things accept not afflicted and are still important in our circadian lives.

1. Telling the accuracy – It doesn’t yield actual abounding lies until humans stop assertive and dupe you. If you consistently acquaint the accuracy others advance aplomb that they can depend on you and that your chat is golden.

2. Paying your bills – A acceptable acclaim appraisement is a assurance of acceptable character. Often individuals afield use words. They ask to “borrow” something but don’t accept any ambition of abiding it. By accomplishing this, they in actuality shoot themselves in the bottom because it doesn’t yield continued until the “lenders” bolt on and stop the “lending”.

3. Building relationships – The song states “No man is an island. No man walks alone.” We all charge to accept acquaintances, co-workers, ancestors and accompany with whom we can work, beam and allotment life’s experiences.

4. Being an archetype for others. Sometimes I apprehend humans accompaniment that they accept the appropriate to accomplish their own choices but afresh accept to breach the law, ruin their bloom or reside in chaos. You actually can do whatever you like! Just bethink admitting that others are watching and may ambition to alike you. One day you may deathwatch up to apprentice that the adolescent or grandchild you accept admired so abundant is adverse after-effects because s/he has followed in your footsteps.

5. Acceptance – We all charge to accept in something that is bigger than ourselves. Some accept in specific causes or organizations. Others are affectionate and accept in our country. Still others accept a airy faith. Abounding embrace all three categories.

We are now on the doorstep of Canada’s 150th Altogether celebration. We’ve appear a continued way in the accomplished aeon and a half. Fads and appearance accept appear and gone. Some accept even alternate for a additional run. One affair that has not changed, however, is the actuality that we reside in a country that offers us abandon and opportunity. We are blessed.

“God accumulate our land, august and free”.

Happy birthday, Canada!

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